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Apr 2, 2013 9:36 PM by Alex Labat

Lafayette Girl Goes Hollywood

From comedies, to dramas, to Academy Award nominated films, Hollywood's gone "south" as of late, featuring more and more locations and stars from Louisiana.
This summer, one of Hollywood's top grossing stars, Tyler Perry, is about to meet his match in an 11-year-old girl from Lafayette.

"I'm really excited about it", says eleven-year- old Caroline Kennedy.

She's starring in Tyler Perry's "A Madea Christmas", playing the daughter of a local businessman...and her character has a bit of an attitude.

Kennedy says her character, "thinks she owns everyone and she thinks she's perfect."

The New Orleans native and her family moved to Lafayette after Hurricane Katrina.
She attends St. Pius Catholic School, and even though playing one of the leads in a three hundred million dollar movie franchise may be daunting --- Kennedy never let her school work falter.

"There was tutors and teachers on set and my teachers would send me work that we did at school," says Kennedy.

The movie, set to come out this December, is the eighth installment in the hit franchise from fellow New Orleans native Tyler Perry.
Kennedy says seeing the finished product at Christmas time with her friends and family is the greatest gift she could ask for.

"We're all going to go i'm going to invite all my friends...and we're going to party," says Kennedy.



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