Dec 20, 2010 6:44 PM by MIKE MAGNOLI

Lafayette Fire Dept. Says Meth Lab Sparked Fire

Lafayette Fire Investigators say it was a meth lab fire they battled last night. Today, a family is without a home.

 This Lafayette woman says she had no idea her upstairs neighbor was mixing the toxic chemicals-- right above her children:

"My children were in the bed reading books we had got from the library,"

Rebecca Clark and her kids were having a quiet night, but then the floor and ceiling started shaking, there was a blast of heat from upstairs and things started caving in.  This is video shot moments after fire crews got situation under control. 

Capt Doyle Boudreaux says "When we arrived the fire was fully engaged, flames coming out of the windows."

"Two minutes, everything we worked for,"

When fire investigators and police broke the news, it was a meth lab that sparked the fire, Rebecca says she was shell shocked.  

"I didn't talk to them much because i'm busy raising my children, but at one point I made the woman food... it hurt they wouldn't warn me to get my children out." Clark said.
The Red Cross is assisting the family this week of Christmas:

"It's tough, this is three kids and a single mom," said a Red Cross Worker, Charles Banks.

Meanwhile, the upstairs tenants have not been charged yet-- because one is still recovering from serious burns.


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