Jul 20, 2012 9:36 PM by Maddie Garrett

Lafayette Couple Survives Colorado Movie Massacre

The Aurora, CO, movie tragedy hits close to home with a Lafayette couple among the survivors. The couple was in the same theater as the shooter Thursday night. They saw the tragedy unfold first hand. Luckily, both made it out of the theater unhurt but say they're still dealing with the shock of it all.

Billie Fail said she saw the gas cannister fly across the screen, heard the gunman open fire. She said out of instinct she and her husband ducked below their seats and a 12-year-old child clung to her during the shooting.

"All of sudden we hear a pause in the shooting and my husband gets up and tells us "go! go! go! get out now!" And I'm grabbing for this kid in front of me and I'm grabbing for my husband behind me," said Fail.

They ran for it and made it out unhurt, unlike so many others.

"As soon as we make it out of the theater I look behind me and there's a guy holding his neck and he has blood all over him," she said.

Fail said seeing so many wounded or dead was heart breaking.

"I saw this person, doing the same thing I was doing, enjoying a movie, and having their life cut down like that by a random person is absolutely tragic and my heart and prayers definitely go out to all the families and all the victims," said Fail.

Still, she said won't let this tragedy define her and she won't let a gunman ruin one of her childhood heroes. They plan to return to a different movie theater to finish watching The Dark Knight Rises. Fail and her husband have two young boys, she's just thankful that it she and her husband made it out alive.

"I have to thank God that we're still alive, that we're still here," she said.

Billie and her husband, David, are both from Lafayette and graduates of Lafayette High School. They now live in Colorado Springs.



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