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Mar 19, 2013 7:52 AM by Kristen Holloway

Lafayette City Parish Council Votes to Adopt Safe Light/Safe Speed Ordinance

Changes could be in store for Lafayette safe-light safe-speed program. Tonight the city parish-council will vote on a final adoption of an ordinance. If adopted, this ordinance wipes out any late fee violations drivers get from safe-light safe-speed cameras. Also there's a proposed amnesty period for the month of May and would only affect late fees *not* the original fine. The hope is the ordinance if passed, it will act as an incentive for the city to get the money they're owed. All the while, waving late fees. Officials say the ultimate goal is to get people to drive safely with regard to collecting the citations.
"Comply with our law, that's what it boils down too. Its also very unfortunately for people who've already complied asking the question, where's the fairness in this issue? I paid mine, why aren't these people paying theirs," said Director of Lafayette Traffic & Transportation.
Now once the amnesty period ends, the city parish attorney will go after the entire amount of the citation owed with a civil suit including late fees.
The Lafayette City Parish Council will vote on this ordinance at their meeting tonight at 5:30p.m.


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