Jul 1, 2013 12:13 PM by Dwayne Fatherree

Lack of speedy trial could let Feast free

A man in jail in connection with a Lafayette murder case has filed a motion requesting a speedy trial, claiming he has been held without bond for almost two years without being allowed his day in court.

Marcus Joseph Feast filed a request for a 701 hearing on June 27. Feast is charged as a principal to the first-degree murder of pizza delivery driver Tim Falgout in 2010. According to court records, Feast is believed to be the driver of the gold Mercedes-Benz the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office has tied to Falgout's murder.

In his handwritten filing, Feast said he was last in court for a status hearing in November of 2012. Another court date had been set for a hearing in March, but it was cancelled.

Feast was arrested in August, 2010.

The 701 hearing is named after Article 701 of the Louisiana Criminal Code, which sets out timelines for prosecutions. According to that law, Feast's case should have gone to trial within 120 days of his indictment in October 2010.

If the district attorney cannot show just cause for holding Feast longer than allowed, Feast could be set free without bail.

Neither District Attorney Mike Harson nor Assistant District Attorney Cynthia Simon, who is prosecuting the case, were available for comment.

The man charged in the actual murder, Aaron Orlando Richards, was convicted last year on separate charges. Richards is serving life in prison as a habitual offender after he was convicted of three separate crimes of violence, including a second-degree robbery in front of Buffalo Wild Wings in Lafayette and two other violent crimes that occurred in Vermilion Parish.

Feast is being held without bond in the Lafayette Parish Correctional Center.


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