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Dec 21, 2010 7:43 PM by Shawn Kline

LA Rep. joins Committee to fight drilling ban

"Anytime that we can put people back to work is a positive step in the right direction and will be something that can be supported across the nation."
That's newly elected Congressman, Jeff Landry.
He won't take office in Washington for another two weeks but he's already taking a stance on expanding jobs in energy.
The Congressman landed seats on two committees in the capital; one with Transportation and Infrastructure, the other with Natural Resources.
Over the past year, the seafood, oil and gas industries have seen a lot of changes and now, with Republicans gaining house majority, Landry says the Natural Resources Committee will look to expand job opportunities on the water.
"That committee gives us an opportunity to have the oversight into the agencies impacting our oil and gas industry," Landry said.
Congressman Jeff Landry says his seat on the Natural Resources Committee is a big step for Southern Louisiana.
The committee oversees agencies that regulate off-shore industries; including off-shore drilling.
"We need to make sure that those workers still have a job," Landry said.
The last time Republicans held house majority, Congress lifted a decades-old ban on off-shore drilling.
Now, experts say this year's drilling ban could cost the federal government almost $100-billion in lost revenue.
"That's a substantial loss of money." Landry says, "we're running a wreck of defecits and we're looking for ways to reduce that deficit."
How Landry says Congress will deal with the deficit:
"We all are going to be trying to think outside of the box and think of ways to create jobs and is a good investment in America." Landry says, "not just for today, or tomorrow but into the future."
Landry says his position on another board, the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee will help secure federal funds to complete I-49 through Lafayette to New Orleans.


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