Nov 14, 2010 12:24 AM by Chris Welty

LA Festival a Success

Party for preservation, that was the goal Saturday night at Parc International for the first ever "LA-Festival."

Music and dancing, the trademark of any festival in Acadiana, also a trait at the areas newest festival, LA Festival.

Sarah Moss says "If anybody knows anything about music, they would know that it has been a top notch rank of performers." Jared Stepp, also a festival goer believes enjoying the music and food is really what Lafayette is all about.

And that's not all, this festival is also about awareness. LA Festival is unique because it is the first festival to help restore and preserve the Atchafalya Basin, money raised here goes towards that cause.

Festival organizer, David Goodwyn says the Atchafalya Basin is "the largest fresh water delta in North America. There used to be trees that rivaled the Sequoia Trees in the basin, but they were all cut down in the 1800's. There's no reason why a forest can't grow again like that for people 150 years from now.

Organizers say more than 1,000 trees will be planted along the basin thanks to the efforts of die hard festival goers that came out despite the rain.

Sarah Moss says "I think the weather maybe kept some people away and maybe hunting season, but I think if anybody had any taste in music, they would have come out tonight."

And come out tonight they did, including Rubin Barbaressi, all the way from Argentina who wanted to support the music and the cause. He says "for many years I have been driving through the Basin, now I feel like I can do something for that wonderful place."



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