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Nov 13, 2012 6:33 PM by Melissa Canone

La. Bankers Association warns consumers of identity theft scams

BATON ROUGE-The Louisiana Bankers Association is warning consumers not to fall victim to telephone, text message and email phishing scams.

According to reports, perpetrators are using automated phone calls, text messages and emails to misinform consumers that their debit cards have been deactivated, or, other similar messages when consumers are prompted to provide account information. Those who respond to these inquiries run the potential risk of having their information used fraudulently.

To avoid becoming the victim of a scam, the LBA offers the following tips:
· Never give out your personal or financial information in response to an unsolicited phone call, text message, fax or email, no matter how official it may seem.
· Do not respond to a call that may warn of dire consequences unless you validate your information immediately. Contact your bank to confirm the call's validity using a telephone number or Web address you know to be genuine.
· Check your credit card and bank account statements regularly and look for unauthorized transactions, even small ones. Some thieves hope small transactions will go unnoticed. Report discrepancies immediately.
· If you have responded to an unsolicited message, contact your bank immediately so they can protect your account and your identity.

About LBA: Founded in 1900, the Louisiana Bankers Association's mission is to help banks grow and prosper in Louisiana. For more than a century, the LBA has provided Louisiana's banker with top-quality professional development, revenue-enhancing products and services, governmental relations and public advocacy. For more information, go to


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