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Jun 25, 2011 7:04 PM by Herbie Smith

Krotz Springs Refinery Workers Burned on the Job

In Krotz Springs, two workers at an oil refinery were hospitalized today after being burned on the job.
This happen around noon-time on Saturday at the Alon facility on South Levee Road.
It's still unclear exactly what happened but the company's spokesperson, Blake Lewis says two workers received burns after handling extremely hot petroleum products that apparently, were not properly contained.
One employee suffered burns to his chest and arms, while the other who was nearby had much less severe injuries.
"The refining process involves heating crude oil up to a higher temperature, these materials must be handled safely," said Lewis.
One worker has been released.
The company is now trying to find out exactly what happened.
Lewis says it may take a day or up to a week to get answers.


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