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Jan 3, 2011 11:57 PM by Maddie Garrett

Krotz Springs Moving Forward With New Mayor and Police Chief

Krotz Springs officially got a new mayor and chief of police Monday night, but not before more than half of the police department resigned. New Chief Norman Mouille said the department might be shorthanded right now, but not without help.

"We're going to work with Chief Mouille, train his officers, work with him and help him get his department to where it needs to be," said St. Landry Parish Sheriff Bobby Guidroz.

Guidroz immediately offered the Sheriff's Office assistance after three police officers and three dispatchers didn't show up for their shifts last weekend in Krotz Springs. Those employees have since resigned.

"They were here and they didn't show up and they abandoned their post. If they would have stayed I believe a majority would have had a job," said Mouille.

Charlie Melancon, a former Krotz Springs Alderman and peace officer, says he thinks the officers who resigned should have given Mouille a chance.

"I just feel a lot of them jumped the gun, they really did," said Melancon.

Now Mouille is left with two part-time officers and St. Landry Parish Sheriff's Deputies who are patrolling the town until new officers can be hired. Sheriff Guidroz said he is paying an off-duty officer over time to patrol Krotz Springs, so it isn't affecting the rest of the patrols in the parish. He also said they budget for over-time pay.

"I would do this for any municipality. I'm providing man power and resources now and until they're ready to get somebody and put them on board," said Guirdroz.

But as Mouille moves forward, he said there are no bad feelings, even after one of the officers arrested Mouille for Interference a few years ago. Those charges were later forfeited and never went to court. Mouille said that officer is one of the men who actually stuck around.

"No bad feelings, we buried the hatchet a long time ago," he said.

Mouille said he does have an officer in mind to recommend to be his assistant chief, and then it's up to the mayor and council to hire him. He said they will probably hire another officer also in the near future.



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