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Nov 19, 2012 11:27 PM by Steven Albritton

Krotz Springs Double Amputee Dies in Fire

A Krotz Springs man died Monday morning after a fire broke out in his home. 73 year-old Floyd Mason was a double amputee because of poor circulation in his legs, and had trouble moving around. Investigators aren't sure how the fire started. They say a malfunctioning space heater, or smoking near an oxygen tank could have been the cause.

"He was a good man, had a lot of friends," his son Oscar Mason said.

Oscar Mason was nearby when he saw smoke coming from the area where his father lived. The fire department was there already, and he tried to help save his father.

"I got there and windows were popping and I tried to get to him, but he was just too far away."

Krotz Springs Mayor Carroll Snyder remembers Mason when he was growing up.

"When something like this does happen, naturally it touches everybody. The streets were full of people just comforting the immediate family members," Snyder said.

Mason loved to hunt and fish. The family says one of their fondest memories of him was his love for George Jones music.

If George Jones come on the radio, he would tell everybody. And he would do it just like this...Shh! Mr. George Jones," daughter-in-law Teri Mason said.

With his death so sudden and fresh on their minds, the entire situation is hard to accept.

"It's like it's still just not real. Still just expecting all this just to be a dream and everybody wake up tomorrow and it'll be all OK," Teri Mason said.


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