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Mar 5, 2013 8:48 PM by Alex Labat

Krotz Springs Alderman Steps Down

District Attorney Earl Taylor says Louis Polotzola was cooperative when he asked him to step down early Tuesday morning.
"Mr. Polotzola, his willingness to do whatever the law required...even though he doesn't agree with it. "The law is the law" is what he told me this morning", says Taylor.
The former alderman was given what's called a "first-offender pardon", which pardons some first offenders after serving a sentence.
That kind of pardon did not qualify Polotzola to run for office. It would have taken a pardon from the Governor himself for Polotzola to run before his 15 years were up.
"He felt like that he was certainly qualified to run, and that there were no impediments to him running for office", says Taylor.
Taylor says that he believes Polotzola had no criminal intent when he ran for office.
"Based upon that we have decided there is no criminal action that we are going to take because we don't believe that we could get a conviction in court for a person who doesn't know the difference between a first-offender pardon and a governor's pardon", says Taylor.


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