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Nov 1, 2013 8:21 AM by Elizabeth Hill

Keeping Crossfitters Injury Free

Jeremy Hohle and Wesley Sun Chee Fore started doing Crossfit together about four years ago. Both became certified Crossfit instructors and each opened their own Crossfit gym or "box".

"All of my friends thought I was crazy," says Hohle.

Part of that doubt had to do with what Hohle says is the most common misconception with Crossfit.

"You're going to get hurt doing Crossfit."

Both men acknowledge the danger of Crossfit, but say it's just like any other physical activity, you have to know what you're doing.

"If you have the right coaches, you have the right program, you have the right knowledge about it, it's just as safe as any other training program."

"That's the coaches job to take a new beginner and slowly introduce them into Crossfit because the potency of Crossfit can be very intense," says Fore

When that Crossfit beginner is a former high school or college athlete, once accustomed to high intensity training, getting them to take it slow can be a challenge.

"mentally they can handle it, but their bodies can't, so you have to have coaches that are willing to bring somebody back down to reality," says Hohle.

"A person that has a lot of muscle that's not conditioned to do Crossfit comes in and breaks down a lot of that muscle tissue," Fore.

To become certified, Crossfit instructors must complete a two-day course that goes over all the fundamentals of the workout, including safety and there is a section on Rhabdo. Hohle says the cartoon may be graphic, but it probably got your attention.

"By causing all this controversy, it's causing people to say well what is this about and they know what rhabdo is."

Looking around at a gym full of crossfitters, you can tell it's an effective workout. That might be what draws people to it, but only part of why they stick with it.

"It prepares you for anything life may throw at you. Whether it's dragging a deer stand through the woods, whether it's going to walk ten miles at LSU tailgating," says Hohle.

"It's not like a regular gym where you go and you don't really know anyone," says Fore.

The Crossfit community is booming in Acadiana. Taking a look at the affiliate map on Crossfit's website you can see that in Lafayette Parish alone there are nine Crossfit affiliated gyms.

While hohle and fore pride themselves on taking all necessary steps to protect their clients from injury, they admit, not all gyms are created equal.

For more information on specifics of trainer certification or to find a gym near you, visit the Crossfit website.



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