Aug 4, 2011 7:44 PM by MIKE MAGNOLI

KATC Uncovers Strange DNA Evidence In Falgout Murder Case

A year ago this week, a man named Aaron Richard was arrested for the murder of pizza delivery driver Timothy Falgout.

On the first anniversary of Richard's arrest, we have an exclusive report, highlighting details of the case that were never made public.

First, let's refresh your memory about the death of Tim Falgout.

In March 2010, he was stabbed to death on Rue Canard in Youngsville.

He was a Pizza Hut driver on a delivery.

He was attacked and robbed and for months, the sheriff's office investigated, but made no arrests.

Then in early August the sheriff's office arrested Aaron Richard. They say they found his DNA at the crime scene.

A few weeks later, a man named Marcus Feast was arrested- charged with principal to murder--he's the accused getaway driver.

Even though the case has been out of the news, for the past year KATC has been investigating.

Reporter Mike Magnoli uncovered some clues from the case file:


Let's revisit Rue Canard- Deputies find the murder weapon, there's DNA on the blade of the knife, on the handle. The crime lab says its 31 year old Aaron Richard's.

"Innocent until proven guilty," - he yelled that to reporters during his perp walk last year.

But there's other DNA to be considered, on the back pants pocket of the victim: A sample entered into the FBI Codis system matches a man named Thomas Evans.

From there, the story takes us to a town called Boyce in central Louisiana, about an hour and 40 minutes from Lafayette. 7 days before Tim Falgout was murdered, 26 year old Thomas Evans was murdered here. He was shot to death, his body stuffed into a suitcase, his killer then shot himself after a stand-off with deputies. So how does evan's DNA end up at the crime scene in Youngsville?

"That is unusual. I don't know the story behind it, but for DNA to be found seven days after, yes, that's unusual."

Herman Walters is the sheriff's spokesman in Rapides Parish.

Something bad happened in that house, we found a body stuffed into a suitcase, you don't see that everyday.

Case documents show a Lafayette sheriff's detective reached out to Rapides Parish to look into a connection, but that detective came to this conclusion:

"Evans died seven days before Falgout's homicide, he could not be a donor to any evidence in the crime scene in Lafayette Parish."

But that doesn't sit well with Aaron Richard's court-appointed attorney Harold Register. Register would not go on camera, but he does tell us he is intrigued and alarmed about the bizarre DNA. Especially since the sheriff's office told us last year they arrested Aaron based largely on DNA evidence.

And there's more, another DNA sample found at the crime scene was never identified, but was conclusively female. Everyone in Falgout and Richard's inner circle was tested, so we can rule out wives and relatives.

The Sheriff's office declined comment, so did the District Attorney.

As for the Falgout family, KATC talked to Tim's sister, she says she vaguely remembers hearing about the DNA from a detective, beyond that she didn't want to comment.



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