Jan 21, 2014 11:04 PM

KATC Investigation: Driver facing 4th offense OWI charge

A 29-year-old man remains in jail in Lafayette following his arrest on 4th offense OWI and Failure to yield at an intersection charges.

Alexander Miles was arrested following a crash in the 5800 block of Johnston Street this afternoon. Police say he failed to yield while making a left turn, striking another vehicle that was traveling in the opposite direction. The other vehicle flipped over, but luckily none of the occupants inside were injured. They tell us they're sore tonight, especially where the airbags hit them. Both women were wearing seatbelts, which they say saved their lives.

They did not wish to be identified, but one of the victims said "we were surprised we were okay because we were hanging from our seatbelts. We just said 'thank god' because it could have been so much worse."

Police say Miles drove approximately one block away, and they found him sitting against a light pole. Police write in their arrest affidavit that they asked Miles to stand, but twice he fell backwards when trying to do so. The officer says he attempted to help, but Miles pushed him away saying "don't touch me dude". Miles was placed in handcuffs, and the officer said he helped him to the vehicle. The officer notes in the report that the suspect had glassy blood shot eyes and slurred speech.

At the police station, the officers say they performed a field sobriety test on Miles. After beginning the test, Miles allegedly said "I'll save you some time because I'm (expletive) up". Police say Miles blew a .312 into the Intoxilyzer 5000.

Our investigative team looked into Miles' record after police indicated he had prior charges of operating a vehicle while intoxicated. We found several criminal records in Calcasieu Parish, but we also discovered the Attorney General's Office had to prosecute them because of Miles' relationship with the District Attorney of Calcasieu. Court records indicate they are related and that John DeRosier asked to be recused from the case.

According to online documents, Miles' 1st DWI charge was dismissed, and he pled to a misdemeanor charge of Careless Operation for a March 2010 incident.

For Miles' 2nd 1st offense DWI charge, he pled guilty using Article 894, which typically keeps the charge off the suspect's record if they follow the rules set forth in their probation.

However, Miles was brought back to court in July of 2012 for allegedly violating his probation. It's unclear from the online records why. He was sentenced to spend 30 days at a substance abuse treatment center.

Miles was charged with a 2nd and 3rd offense DWI in connection with an incident in March of 2013 in Calcasieu. It is unclear why both charges are connected to the same incident. This case has not yet gone to trial.

We do plan on reviewing more court records because of the limited online access at the Clerk of Court's website.

As for the current DWI charge in Lafayette, no bond has been set. Miles is scheduled to appear in court on Friday morning.




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