Apr 15, 2014 6:32 PM by Kristen Holloway

Juicing: The Pros and Cons

Juicing. It's a very popular habit these days, but is it a healthy habit or a blood sugar bomb? We found how juicing can be healthy with limited use.

There's something appealing about being able to blend up broccoli, kale, and cucumbers and mask them with the sweet taste of strawberries. You get your vitamins without having to chow down on salad every day at lunch.

Jessica Kuhar juices every morning. "I feel so good with juicing, it helps me feel really light which I like and kind of gets me going for the rest of the day," said Kuhar.

There are some benefits to juicing: like lots of vitamins, minerals and the amount of water can help you stay hydrated.

"It really starts the day on a positive note and that's why I have to have it and I feel really different when I don't have it in the morning," said Kuhar.

"I have bad allergies too so I drink kale, lime, apple and orange and that's a lot of Vitamin C in one drink and if I drink that I'm good with my allergies," said Body Plus Manager Rikki Gaspard.

Also, juicing is low-calorie right? Well not exactly. The liquid vegetable and fruit mixture is a very concentrated source of calories meaning depending on what you mix, because fruit is more concentrated, so is the sugar content. Doctor Stephanie Aldret at Regional Medical says you can't juice all day, every day, and expect to stay healthy.

"Have a balanced diet to go along with you're doing, that doesn't mean that you get to eat pizza and french fries and bad stuff the rest of the day," said Dr. Aldret. "Have your lean meats, have your other fresh fruits and veggies where you actually eat those and whole grains as well."

If you are thinking about juicing, Dr. Aldret recommends starting slow, just one glass a day and continue to eat a balanced amount of fiber, whole grains and proteins.



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