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Mar 31, 2011 11:23 PM by Shawn Kline

Jennings Police officer reinstated after DWI fiasco

A Jennings Police Officer was reinstated Thursday night.
Officer Michael Janise was fired after he failed to give another officer a sobriety test when he crashed into another car.
A civil service board decided in the end, a suspension and demotion would be a better fit for Janise.

In court, prosecuting and defense attorneys argued two things...
First, whether Janise neglected his duty as an officer when he didn't conduct a sobriety test on a fellow police officer.
The second involved inconsistencies in Janise's testimony.
While no laws were broken, the civil service board said Janise used his officer's discretion. This being his first disciplinary offense, the board chose to reinstate him.
Chief Todd D'Albor however says he stands by his decision to remove Janise.

"The decision (to conduct sobriety tests on fellow officers) should not be on the back of an officer." Janise says, "that's the sole discretion of the chief... Or he should be the one saying, 'this is how you will follow those procedures.'"

"I feel strongly and still feel strongly that I look out for the best interests of this department." Chief D'Albor says, "I stand by my recommendation."

Chief D'Albor and Mayor Terry Duhon now have 30-days to appeal the board's decision and head to district court.



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