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Jan 28, 2013 11:54 PM by Erin Steuber

Jennings Police Officer Going Above and Beyond Call of Duty

A story that's made national headlines, an officer of the Jennings Police Department is going above and beyond the call of duty, all to make a young man's dream come true.

18-year-old Blaize Richard lives with autism, and isn't letting that stop him from joining the force, but he couldn't do it without just a little bit of help. Enter Lt. Mike Hill.

It started with a birthday wish. Blaize Richard always dreamed of being a police officer, and he doesn't have to wait too much longer. In just a few days, he'll be an honorary officer with the Jennings Police Department.

His laugh and smile is what turned a simple birthday surprise into a life-changing friendship.

"I'm so excited," said Blaize.

"We hang out. I see him at school, the neighborhood, any chance I get we make the best of it," said Lt. Hill. "He puts a smile on my face, and I put one on his."

While Lt. Mike Hill is changing Blaize's life, it's Blaize who's changing his.

"I'm honored to be there for him, to share his dream, to walk with him through all this," said Hill. "It's been an amazing journey so far."

Before this story grabbed national attention, Hill was already making an impact in Jennings.

"He was awarded Officer of the Year for 2012, and it was well deserved," said Chief Todd D'Albor. "This just shows why our department feels as strongly as we do that Mike Hill exemplifies that service, and steps up ahead of most."

Blaize Richard, or as he's known in the department, Officer Richard, wears his police uniform almost every day, only taking it off when its time for bed.

"I'm tough like a man," said Blaize.

His favorite part of the job? Riding in the car. He's already helped make a traffic stop.

"I wanted to help people and live my dream," said Blaize.

But with all this recent attention, I had to asked how it feels to be a celebrity.

"Celebrity no," said Blaize. "A police officer, it's about doing good."

Blaize will be sworn in at a ceremony Saturday, February 2. The department will be presenting him with an authentic uniform, and his own badge.



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