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Mar 1, 2012 11:09 PM by Maddie Garrett

Jennings Police Chief & Mayor React to Documentary

A documentary called "Dark Minds" airing on Investigative Discovery features the Jennings 8 murder case and to some, it might seem like the program drags law enforcement through the mud.

After a full hour, "Dark Minds" creator M. William Phelps explored every possible theory on who killed eight women in Jeff Davis Parish. From family members, to serial killers, drugs and even police cover ups, he left no theory unturned.

"I didn't agree with everything that I saw or heard," said Jennings Mayor Terry Duhon.

Duhon and Jennings Police Chief Todd D'Albor said while they were never contacted by the show's creator, they respect the show and Phelps' right to express his own opinions.

"The gentleman that did this documentary had his reasons and his way he wanted to go with it. I don't comment on the programming he put together, obviously he must feel good about it," said D'Albor.

But the mayor and police chief have a few issues with the documentary. One, is the idea that when you cross the rail road tracks in Jennings, you cross into a dangerous and dark side of town.

"From my point of view it was perceived that the southside of town is some reckless abandon, wild community and it's not," said Duhon.

"It's not a war zone, it's not a place where I would feel uncomfortable going, I drive there every day," agreed D'Albor.

But their biggest beef -- the notion that there's a deep divide between the community and police.

"This department has worked extremely hard to bridge that gap. I feel really comfortable today that our department has a fantastic relationship with the community, we receive calls daily from people assisting us in solving a variety of crimes."

D'Albor said no matter what's put out in a documentary, their investigation into the Jennings 8 remains relentless.



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