Back to School 2014

Aug 8, 2014 9:59 AM by KATC

Jeff Davis Goes Back To School With Huge Technology Upgrades

In Jeff Davis Parish, with the school year hear they made sure to make some big changes inside the school as possible changes loom from the state. They invested around $250,000 in technology heading into the new school year.

"We have VDI labs, virtual labs, that are now in every school to help us with testing and with several of the new programs we've put into place, to help students to provide them with additional remediation opportunities," Superintendent Brian Lejeune said.

Lejeune says the price of lunches is going up slightly, this year, to bring them more in line with surrounding parishes. They've also added three new principals and multiple teachers due to retirements.

"This year (we've added) probably 30-40 new teachers. For us, that's kind of high. We normally run about 10-15 at the most because we have a very high teacher retention rate," Superintendent Lejeune said.

As far as the common core debate, Lejeune says they've worked through their issues last year and are ready for whatever the state will throw at them next.

"For testing we're going to get ready for the things we can do and can control. When they decide what test they are going to give, we're going to be ready to give it and our students will be ready to take it," Lejeune said.

Superintendent Lejeune also wants to remind parents that students riding the bus will not be crossing more than one lane of traffic when getting dropped off. Any questions can be directed to the school board office.



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