Feb 17, 2011 8:01 PM by Carolyn Cerda

Jacee, already an Acadiana Idol

Lafayette High School student, Jacee Badeaux, is making strides on American Idol. The 15 year old made it past the group auditions Wednesday night. His supporters say it wasn't just his talent that shined through.

After his first group kicked him out, Jacee was brought to tears, not knowing how soon he could find another group with just hours left to practice. His reaction to being kicked out is what made his fans here proud.

"He handled it the way we've always known him," said LHS Assistant Choral Director, Joyce Menard. "He's humble, he's gracious. When he got kicked off he wished that group luck."

Even after finding another group to perform with, Badeaux flubbed the lyrics. But, the judges still put him through.

"He has really, really good character," said Dylan Fuller, a fellow chorus member at LHS. "I think especially last night you got to see it. Although he didn't have the words down, obviously, his personality and high level of maturity showed... and the judges really saw that and that's what got him through to the next round."

"I was just so proud, everyone's so proud of him," said another choir member, Ashley Roger. "We tell him all the time and he doesn't let it get to his head and he's just so humble and great."

Badeaux's classmates say he is already proving to be an idol and a positive roll model.

"It's all about who the idol is for America," said Fuller. "Not only is he gifted musically and talented musically, he's also, like, character wise, he's also an idol."

Jacee supporters say they can't wait for the live auditions. They say they're ready to call and text in votes. They also hope to one day his name in shining lights. And, pronounced correctly.

Fuller said, "Mr. Seacrest, it's Ba-deaux.... not Buh-deaux... Thank you."



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