Apr 6, 2010 6:09 PM by Sarah Rosario

It’s been Eight Years and an Alleged Murderer Has Yet to Pay Time.

It's been eight years and counting and the alleged killer of Tom Latiolais's son has yet to pay time for the crime. It happened in March of 2002, Scott Latiolais was shot once in the back and left to die. Meanwhile, his alleged murderer, Thomas Jamar Roberts is out on a $100,000 bond.

Easter Sunday, the Latiolais family gathered at Scott's grave. His mother, Lindal Huval reading a piece of paper stated, "It's been eight years and seven days since our son Scott has been laid in his final resting place." "He was a great person, the best brother I could ask for; always protecting me," said sister Sheree.

Tom Latiolais says something needs to be done. He says he's sat in a St. Martin Parish courtroom on behalf of his son, too many times to count. "Every three months I've been going out there trying to get the trial going," said Latiolais. In addition, Robert's attorney is asking the judge to dismiss murder charges for being denied a speedy trial.

Latiolais admits his son was involved with drugs and says that may be the reason he was shot in the first place. Regardless, the family says justice needs to be served. "I don't think it was his right to take my brother's life, no matter what his past mistakes were. We all make them. I don't think that was for him to decide. It was up to God," said Sheree.

The motion to drop the murder charges delayed the next trial until June 21st. The Latiolais family says on that day they hope to get what they've been waiting so long for. "I hope we can get him to be sentenced and come to a closure with everything," said daughter Kila Latiolais.

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