May 16, 2012 6:25 PM by Elizabeth Hill

Is it legal for Lafayette to cut ties with the City of Broussard?

At last night's meeting, City-Parish President Joey Durel announced he had instructed his staff to examine all relationships Lafayette has with the City of Broussard and find legal means for terminating them.

Some of those services include fire dispatch, animal control and water service.

A bold move that Broussard officials are calling illegal.

We reached out to Broussard Mayor Charles Langlinais and his attorney, but both declined to comment instead referring us to newly hired public relations representative Amy Jones. She says Durel's actions will create a public safety crisis.

"You can't cut off services that have been paid for."

Jones says terminating services like fire dispatch, animal control and water violate contract.

"The parish president cannot cut off services to an entire sector of tax payers creating a public safety crisis."

"Now who are we gonna get our water supply from if Lafayette Parish cuts us off? Where's our water supply gonna come from?" asks resident Desire Valere

Broussard residents say they feel caught in the middle bewteen two politicians, Mayor Charles Langlinais and City-Parish President Joey Durel.

"Once they get in office they don't realize things they do hurt us as citizens."

"Regardless of whatever personality conflicts may exist between elected officials the people are not the ones that should pay the price."

Lafayette city attorney Michael Hebert could not comment specifically on the legality of Durel's decision, but says he has been instructed by the Parish President to explore legal means for terminating any and all relationships with Broussard. The only immediate termination will be any new requests for water lines.



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