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Nov 2, 2012 11:18 PM by Steven Albritton

Iota High School Pregame Prayer Questioned

As spectators arrived for Friday's football game, students were showing their support for the pregame prayer which they thought wouldn't happen.

"They're all saying the same thing. We should be able to pray at a football game. We've been doing it for years and there's never been a problem with it. And we should be able to continue to do it," Iota Senior Carey Broussard said.

Parents were also upset when they received a voice mail from the school saying the prayer was not allowed

"We should be able to pray. It's always been done. This area is a very religious area and I believe it would be very detrimental to everyone not to be able to do that," Brandee Cormier said.

As kickoff inched closer, the students were going to speak out in their own way.

"We talked about we're going to still stand up and keep praying and everything else. That's what we been doing like I been saying, we're not going to stop," Broussard said.

Administrators tell us it was all a misunderstanding. Prayer is allowed, but there are a few rules.

"We can't sponsor it, the school, adults, clergy cannot sponsor it....and that's according to law," Acadia Parish Superintendent John Bourque said.

And that is exactly what happened before Friday night's game. A couple of students led the entire crowd in prayer before kickoff; with football players, cheerleaders, dancers and other students standing hand in hand on the field.



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