Jul 28, 2010 7:29 PM by Kate Mundy

Injured Teen Meets Teacher With Similar Injuries

An update on the Youngsville boy whose face was shattered by a jet ski, Wednesday he met a Lafayette teacher with similar injuries.

Their injuries, just one year apart are similar.  Smashed noses, busted jaws, no right eye.

Katie Nicholson's friends saw Joey Petsche's story on KATC and immediately told her. Wednesday the two became fast friends. "Can I give you a hug," asked Nicholson.

It's the first time these two are meeting face to face, but they already have a special bond. "Six surgeries total, still not done, two jaw surgeries,"  Nicholson told Petsche. The kindergarten teacher was smashed in the face by a piece of workout equipment just over a year ago.

Petsche can relate. Both are learning to live without their right eye. "Wow your muscles are still there," said Nicholson. Both have numbness and both try to ignore those awkward stares. "People are just curious, I don't think its to be mean or ugly," said Nicholson. "Yea, it's not like haha," said Petsche.

Nicholson wanted to offer advice. "I just needed to tell you that you're gonna be fine," she said. Petsche jumped at the chance to ask questions and share. "I got these new cheekbones, you want to see them? They're all high," said Petsche.

The 13-year old is still getting used to his extensive injuries, it's been less than a month. Gone are his long locks and ability to skateboard. Nicholson reassured him, saying she was back to working out in six weeks.

"It's not how hard we fall but how fast we get back up," said Nicholson. And after their special get together Petche said, "I think it's pretty cool, she looks good, I look good. We feel good."

The two exchanged information and plan to stay in touch. After their meeting Nicholson commented that Joey doesn't need any words of encouragement from her... she needs to get encouragement from him.


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