Apr 1, 2013 6:57 PM by Allison Bourne-Vanneck

Improvements For Holy Rosary Institute?

Representatives Vincent Pierre and Terry Landry have submitted a bill that would give $200,000 to Holy Rosary Institute for long-needed improvements.

Holy Rosary is a historically African-American school that was built in 1913, and closed its doors in 1993.

What remains now from this historical sight is a boarded up building, with debris, glass, and a missing staircase. But the legislation would do something about that.

"This is indeed going to give us some seed money to at least get started with the redevelopment of this school. This is a historical site, we're excited. We think it's going to be great for economic development for people throughout Southwest Louisiana."

While the legislation says that $200,000 will be used for improvements and developments at Holy Rosary. The full redevelopment will take much more than that.

"There is indeed plans that are being talked about now, and that is a museum. We're talking to the light center right now to develop a museum that will allow us to tell the story about this wonderful school, and the things that this wonderful school was able to do in years past," Pierre said.

Holy Rosary Redevelopment estimates those plans will take around four to five million dollars to complete.

"We hope that this particular legislation will go through the house quickly and allow people to understand how important this particular bill is for our city as well as our state of Louisiana," Pierre said.

The $200,000 for Holy Rosary would be redistributed from the Lafayette Parish Visitors Enterprise fund, which is funded by the state's hotel and motel sales tax.

Leftover money from the fund usually goes to the Lafayette Convention and Visitors Commission and the Cajundome.



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