St. Landry

Jul 11, 2013 7:37 PM by Allison Bourne-Vanneck

Illegal Trash Dumping, St. Landry Parish

In St. Landry Parish, an already smelly situation is only getting worse.

It's a makeshift dump beneath a bridge by the old U.S. 1-90, right before Krotz Springs.

Nearby residents are tired of the stench, and just want the mess gone. Parish President Bill Fontenot said the cleanup is the parish's responsibility.

"It may be that when we get up in the morning and make our work list, this falls at the bottom of the list, or certainly not at the top because we have so many other safety impacted issues to address," Parish President Bill Fontenot.

Once the parish is able to cleanup, it gets in touch with Velton Stelly, with St. Landry Parish Solid Waste.

"It's not really our responsibility, but who else will do it but solid waste," Velton Stelly said.

Solid waste says it's cleaned up the mess three to four times but the trash keeps on coming back. Stelly says each clean-up costs at least 10 thousand dollars.

Parish councilman Hurlin Dupre says in the end, the cleanup will be costing tax payers.

"If people would just take time out, to put that out to the road and let the garbage people pick it up it would save the parish lot's of money," St. Landry Councilman Hurlin Dupre said.

"We're disappointed in those citizens who take this path of irresponsibility, and we hope they'll do better in the future," Fontenot said.



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