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Nov 9, 2012 10:46 PM by Steven Albritton

Iconic Yell of Zydeco Force Musician, Will Be Remembered

The signature holler of Shelton Broussard is no more.

"That just came out of nowhere, so used to hearing quiet Zydeco playing. Then all of a sudden he get on the stage and WOO YEAH," Zydeco Force Manager and band member Robbie Robertson said.

As a guitarist in Zydeco Force, he was known as the member who got the crowd ready for the show, but also got the band ready to perform. His brother, Jeffrey Broussard, says he inspired him to do much more.

"I was shy to sing. I would sing but I would sing with my head down. And he would always come up to me and was like brother I got your back, I got your back. And I mean this dude just motivated me to make me sing," Jeffrey Broussard said.

Robertson last saw Shelton after their most recent performance, just last weekend.

"It's like I'm still supposed to pick him up somewhere, and that's kind of rough to deal with," he said.

Now the band must try to move forward. All of this happening, while in the middle of recording their next album.

"I know we've lost my brother and he is going to be greatly missed, but I want to continue that project. I think we ought to dedicate that to him..because that's something he would want," Broussard said.

He went on to say, his brothers influence will live on through zydeco music. And that signature sound, unlike any other.



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