Nov 7, 2013 7:07 PM by Allison Bourne-Vanneck

Iberia RV Park Faces Overruns and Delays

A new RV park in Iberia Parish is almost finished, but it's about a year behind schedule. The Cajun RVera will be parish-owned, funded through taxpayer dollars and a grant from BP.

The project was estimated to cost about 5.3 million dollars, but it's now more than a million dollars over budget. Karl Vincent is chairman of the Acadiana Fairgrounds Commission, which oversees the project, and says money isn't the only thing that's delayed the project. He says rain alone pushed the project back by more than 100 days.

"The project has taken, believe me, way longer than I wanted it to," Karl Vincent said.

Vincent says one challenge with the budget has been with the completion of its pool, and it's boiled down to unforseen costs with compliance and meeting regulations.

"Like any project if it's subject to regulatory requirements, you got to make changes and changes aren't cheap," Vincent said.

However, being over budget isn't the only concern. The Chamber of Commerce in New Iberia is worried about first year revenue.

"Now according to some projections that have been done by the CPA that's worked on the project, they show them at about, I believe it's about six hundred thousand dollars in the red," CEO of the Greater Iberia Chamber of Commerce, Janet Falk Gonzales said.

Vincent, however, disputes the CPA's report.

"Our budget next year shows a balanced budget at about a million six. See in parish government you can't show a profit, you have to show a balance zero. In fact the profit was so good, I had to throw in some capital expansion projects, just to make the budget balance," Vincent said.



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