May 4, 2012 6:29 PM by Jenise Fernandez

Iberia Parish Council Takes More Steps in Investigating Parish President Romo Romero

The Iberia Parish Council is taking another week to figure out all the details in the investigation of Iberia Parish President Romo Romero. The council wants to question everyone who signed documents and affidavits that Romero turned over to the state attorney general.

"I want to ask that we bring in people from our health insurance department ask them, did they provide these records did they not provide these records?" said Councilman Bernard Broussard at the last council meeting.

The council members are gathering a list of witnesses to testify. Before the next council meeting, they need to know how much the investigation will cost. The only person the council has asked to testify so far is Romero. Romero issued this statement to KATC: "I welcome this investigation if it is the only way the council feels it can move on with this issue; I know I have done nothing wrong. Every one of my employees that signed affidavits were told by me 'If it's not true don't sign it.'"

Romero wants the council to pay for his attorney fees for this investigation---but in an 11-3 vote the council said no.

"Public money may not be used for that unless that person in the end is cleared and you may reimburse that person for attorney expenses," said Dean Wattigny, the council's legal advisor at the last council meeting.

By the next meeting, the council will have a schedule for interviewing employees. The meeting is May 9th.The council will decide if its findings should be turned over to State Police or the Attorney General's office for further investigation.



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