Feb 29, 2012 11:29 PM by Elizabeth Hill

Iberia Parish Council holds special meeting

The Iberia Parish Council passed five resolutions tonight all having to do with the DA's office and Parish President Romo Romero's actions against it.

Residents are frustrated. Council members are frustrated. They say the continuous complaints filed and letters sent by Romero to the DA's office and to the council are hindering the day to day functioning of the parish government.

Prior to the meeting, as a result of the complaint filed against him, District Attorney Phil Haney informed Romero he could no longer represent him.

It is unclear whether or not Haney's office will continue to represent the council and its committees.

Council Chairman Bernard Broussard says this leaves the Parish Government without a legal authority to advise on everyday matters.

Romero was asked if there is a conflict of interest between him and the DA's representation of him and he said yes, but he did not say why.

Later in the meeting a woman asked Romero if Haney extended the olive branch to him at the beginning of his term and Romero said he did and that he and Haney agreed to quote "let bygones, be bygones." But Romero said Haney then quote "stabbed him in the back."


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