Apr 8, 2013 7:54 PM by Alex Labat

Iberia Councilmen Regroup After Levee Taxes Fail

Missed it by "that" much...that's what has Levee District Chairman Ronnie Gonsoulin so upset that a 26-mile levee in Iberia Parish won't be built...yet.

"Why should the state or the federal government invest in this community when you don't want to invest in it yourself", says Gonsoulin.

He and Iberia Parish Councilman Marty Trahan feel that incorrect information and lower voter turnout may have played a part in why voters said no.

Trahan says, "I think we'll put the tax in front of the people again but more educated...and try to get the vote out".

They hope voters will realize the need to protect their homes and businesses...not to mention one the parish's largest assets. The port.

"We have been affected by storm surge in the past, and this would certainly prevent that from happening", says Roy Pontiff, Executive Director of the Port of Iberia.
He's surprised the taxes didn't pass.

Pontiff says with more than five-thousand employees at the port depending on it's operation,he hopes to see a levee built sooner rather than later.

"We're a fairly large business and we affect a lot of families. Anytime you shut this operation down there's a direct financial impact of that.If we're able to stop that storm surge and continue operating when hurricanes come through then that's a good thing for Acadiana", says Pontiff.



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