Sep 12, 2013 12:43 PM

Iberia Chamber swings support behind school bond proposition

With more than a month remaining before the election, the Iberia Parish Chamber of Commerce is starting its push to make sure a bond proposition for Iberia Parish school improvements gets public approval.

Wednesday morning, the Chamber's board of directors unanimously voted in support of the parish-wide school district proposition of $50,000,000 to acquire and improve physical plants and equip schools with better technology and security initiatives.

A vote for the bond would not result in an increase in current millage rate, so no tax increase would be seen.

"School Superintendent Dale Henderson and the school board have shown a good track record in the proper use of the tax payers' funds of Iberia Parish, all to give our children the best opportunities, education and development to become an asset to any community. Now it's our responsibility as community leaders to make sure we continue to provide them the resources they need to continue this positive trend," said Chad C. Courtois, a Chamber board member. "Funding through this proposition makes it possible to continue to improve our school systems, thereby, better educating our children and retaining and attracting new residents and businesses."

The school funding proposition will be up for a public vote on Oct. 19.



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