May 6, 2013 12:10 AM by Alex Labat

I Do at the Zoo Draws Big Crowds; Gabriel and Evangeline Tie the Knot

Today was the big day for one Acadiana couple. Thousands gathered to witness a one of a kind wedding at the Zoo of Acadiana.

Lions, tigers, and bears normally draw a big crowd at the zoo, but it was the giraffes that literally had thousands lining up to see them.

Gabriel decided to stick his neck out there and ask for Evangeline's hand in marriage, and over two thousand people showed up to the Zoo of Acadiana to wish them well on their big day.

Annette Aguilar says, "We've come all the way from New Orleans. We heard about it and we said we have to come to see the giraffes get married."

Visitors were treated to live music, wedding favors, and the chance to see Mother Nature herself marry the happy couple.

Lea Lofton, Marketing Coordinator for the Zoo of Acadiana says, "I've been talking to people from Florida, people from New Orleans, and they're just so excited because it's so different."

Those that participated in today's wedding were winners of an auction to be bridesmaids and groomsmen. They say they're honored to give back to the zoo.

"It gives us a sense of pride to be able to give back to the zoo and to do any part that we can to help the zoo, especially financially after the birds were lost," says Tiffany Wyett, a member of the bridal party.

Zoo organizers hope the giraffes' marriage is "fruitful", and that next year, they'll be celebrating a new addition to the family.

"Maybe a baby shower; hopefully a giraffe baby shower. We have our fingers crossed for that," says George Oldenburg, Owner of the Zoo of Acadiana.

Alex Labat



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