Tracking the Tropics

Sep 11, 2013 10:26 AM by Dave Baker

Humberto Becomes A Hurricane

Early Wednesday morning, Tropical Storm Humberto was upgraded to a Hurricane. It is the first storm to reach hurricane status this season. It is also one of the latest dates in recent memory for the first hurricane to form. Humberto is still spinning near the Cape Verde Islands over the far eastern Atlantic Ocean. It does not appear to be threatening any land areas over the next several days as it travels northward, then westward over the Atlantic.

Tropical Storm Gabrielle has been bringing gusty winds to Bermuda, but most of the rain has shifted eastward away from the center of circulation. The storm is expected to drift northward over the next few days before quickly turning northeast toward the northern Atlantic.

Another tropical wave near the Yucatan won't have much chance for development over the next day or so as it drifts over land. This weekend some computer models have the wave move back over the Bay of Campeche possibly seeing some tropical development. Long range models drift the disturbance toward the Mexican coastline.


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