Dec 30, 2010 8:01 PM by Shawn Kline

Housing Authority employees could lose pay check

An emergency meeting called Thursday at the Lafayette Housing Authority; banks are threatening to freeze some of the Housing Authority's funds, which could leave more than 50 employees without a pay check.
"There may be a bill that's due (on Friday)." Housing and Urban Development Liason Dan Rodriguez says, "we may not be able to pay."
Rodriguez called for a Thursday morning meeting at the Lafayette Housing Authority for one reason: to stop banks from freezing accounts.
"Based on the way this board went (thursday)," Rodriguez said, "I don't know if they're (board of commissioners) going to resolve the issue."
What started out as a special board meeting, turned into this:
"When you have a meeting, you violate your bilaws." John Freeman said in the middle of the meeting. "This was a general discussion," Freeman said, rejecting the meeting ever happened.
Freeman is one of the three commissioners whose job is still in question. He excused himself in fear of a bylaw violation.
"We followed the 24-hour rule according to state law." Commissioner Shirley Vige says, "but according to our bylaws, we require 48-hours notice."
The meeting Rodriguez called for, adjourning with issues still on the table.
The banks in charge of Housing Authority accounts say they won't issue anymore checks written by Commissioners John Freeman or Joe Dennis.
Checks employees rely on.
"As of now, when they're saying we may not even get a check in the next two weeks the next thing is, what about our jobs?" LHA employee Laurel Thibeaux said. "What about our jobs?"
More than 50 employees expecting a check on Friday will get them Thursday but a spokesperson at Whitney National Bank says those will be the last they're comfortable with until the Housing Authority becomes more stable.


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