Feb 8, 2013 6:34 PM by MELISSA CANONE

Household hazardous waste disposal opportunities

The City of New Iberia will not host the Hazardous Waste Day this year. The following items can be dropped off at these vendors:

Radio Shack - lithium-ion and nickel-cadmium
Home Depot - rechargeable batteries, lawn mower batteries, flashlight batteries, car batteries
Lowes - rechargeable batteries
L & K Metals - will buy old auto batteries
Auto Zone & O'Reilly's - accepts auto batteries

Best Buy: Audio equipment, cables, CD, Cell phone Accessories, cell phones
Computer, monitors, TV, digital cameras, etc
St. Edward's School-name brand ink cartridges for benefit of school

Light bulbs:
Lowes: - Fluorescent lights - rechargeable batteries
Home Depot - small light bulbs, rechargeable batteries, lawn mower, flashlight batteries.

Oil/Brake Fluid:
Auto Zone

L & P Family Group will accept all water-based paint (no oil-based) at their storage facility at 715 Twenty Arpent on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Paint will be used to rehab several houses. For more information please call Mr. Bucket Joseph at 256-1610.
? Pour paint onto a piece of visquine.
? Allow paint to dry on visquine and in can
? Dispose of in regular garbage when dry

Wal-Mart - pick up old tires but there is a charge for each tire
*Best to leave at business when purchasing new tires

White Goods, TV's :
Picked up by Gordon's as part of City of New Iberia contract
Thibodeaux's Scrap Metal - metal & microwaves
L & K Metals
Auto Zone - metal brake pads, brake rotors

Resource for Recycle: www.earth911.com



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