Jan 2, 2013 3:22 PM by Press Release

Hospice Compassus quality outcomes data released

LAFAYETTE, La. -Hospice Compassus, a Nashville, Tenn.-based company that operates a nationwide network of hospice programs, including a location in Lafayette, is the first hospice provider in the U.S. to publicly share their quality outcomes data. They presented their outcomes during their recent national meeting of more than 90 hospice and palliative care physicians. The data show significant achievements toward raising industry benchmarks after a year of reporting quality data at more than 50 community-based programs nationwide.

In 2011, Hospice Compassus vowed to lead the industry by proactively measuring and reporting on its performance. They identified three specific quality metrics as the measure of success:

§ Percent of patients in pain at admission who had their pain controlled to their satisfaction within 48 hours;

§ Percent of families reporting that they received the ideal amount of education and preparation regarding their loved one's disease progression, treatments and medications, and;

§ Percent of patients who had pain above their self-identified threshold anytime during the last week of life.

Since voluntary reporting began in 2011 through October of 2012, Hospice Compassus programs have achieved marked improvement in all these quality metrics:

§ The percentage of patients who had pain controlled in the first 48 hours improved from 76 percent to 81 percent for the entire company with one-third of Hospice Compassus programs improving to 97 percent.

§ The percentage of families reporting they received adequate education regarding medication, treatment and symptoms continued to remain high, improving from 84 percent to 85 percent.

§ The percentage of patients reporting pain above their self-identified threshold during the last week of life decreased from 23 percent to 16 percent.

Hospice Compassus selected quality metrics for its own national quality initiative in 2011 before establishment of Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services requirements in 2012. The company's collection, measurement, and reporting of data are part of an ongoing effort to set and maintain credible, legitimate quality standards for the rest of the industry, and to continue improving on those standards until they reach 100 percent.

"With the significant milestones shared, Hospice Compassus has established a solid benchmark and demonstrated how its national initiative drives quality improvements," said Kemp Coreil, M.D., Medical Director of Hospice Compassus in Lafayette. "We are encouraged by the achievements to date and by the significant impact our ongoing efforts have on hospice care here in Lafayette and throughout the U.S."

CMS has validated Hospice Compassus's approach by selecting one of the same measures as a requirement for all U.S. hospice providers to report beginning in 2013: Addressing pain within 48 hours of admission.

"We are committed to delivering the highest quality care to patients in Lafayette. And we do so with compassion, integrity and excellence, and we demonstrate for all hospice providers the level of care that we know is possible," said Dina Bacon, Executive Director of Hospice Compassus - Lafayette. "But our efforts don't stop here. We are committed to improve until we reach 100 percent. That is our moral obligation to hospice patients and their families here in Lafayette and in every community we serve."

Hospice Compassus will continue to carry out its national quality initiative with continuous action in Lafayette and more than 50 other community-based hospice programs across the U.S.




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