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Dec 11, 2013 12:42 AM by Alex Labat

Homeowners Have Their Eyes on Surveillance

In the past three weeks we've reported on robberies at banks, business like the convenience store behind me, and also homes and apartments. Surveillance systems are often key to cracking the case...but those systems aren't just for businesses anymore.

A 26-year veteran of home surveillance, Keith French says lately, there's been a surge in people interested in home surveillance. "In the last three to five years I've seen tremendous increase in demand for the homeowner wanting to install cameras around their property to see who comes and goes, and to protect their property", says French.
Those high-end systems can be found in something as small as a smartphone, says French, and because as time goes on the technology gets better, and it also becomes more affordable. "All of these devices are accessible from a computer or a smartphone. Let's say your burglar alarm went off, you could log in from your phone if you're out of town or at the grocery store, and see if indeed it was a perpetrator on your property or if it was a false alarm like a cat or a dog", says French.
He goes on to say installing a camera not only helps you, but those that live around you as well. "Not only does it protect your property, but it's also a safety feature for the entire neighborhood. Because often the cameras spill into the street and if something happens to your neighbor and they don't have surveillance cameras the cameras will capture the perpetrators."


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