Apr 4, 2013 7:36 PM by Allison Bourne-Vanneck

Home Owners Insurance Increases Within Acadia Parish

Some residents in Acadia Parish are upset about their home-owners insurance doubling. The reason ----paper work that fell by the wayside in fire district five.

People in four Acadia Parish towns - Morse, Sstherwood, Mermentau, Midland, and the unincorporated areas are paying the price because the fire rating has shot up to the worst possible score.

Home owner's insurance is connected to a fire district's rating---one being the best rating and 10 the worst.

Fire district five's rating increased from 6 to 10.

Keith Henry's home owner's insurance has more than doubled His 2013 insurance is now more than $3,000.

"It was shocking, especially that kind of increase," Henry said.

"When you see a 600, five, 600 increase it's shocking," he said.

The Acadia Parish Police Jury president says problems in fire district five started last September during an inspection.

"The fifth ward didn't turn in their paperwork in a timely manner and what they did turn in was not sufficient. So it went from a six to a ten and course doubled their premium," A.J. Broussard said.

"If the paperwork would have been turned in, chances are we would have gone back down to a six rating," Henry said.

While home owners insurance on Henry's home has already increased, there still may be time to bring it back down.

Broussard says that the Property Insurance Association of Louisiana is giving fire district five more time to turn in the paperwork.

"Well that deadline has passed. Not once but twice," Broussard said.

The deadline was first in January, and then extended to the end of March. However, it still hasn't been turned in. The Parish is waiting on a five-member board to submit the paper work.

"This has happened twice in the last five years, I'd like to see a legal counsel hired, that would take care of this paperwork for the board," Henry said.



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