Dec 9, 2013 7:37 PM by Allison Bourne-Vanneck

Home for the Holidays, Helping Those In Need

Sixty-four-year-old Sandy Pierce loves making Snickerdoodle cookies, and is thankful to have a home of her own where she can do all her baking.

"It's one of the bigger blessings I've ever received in my life," Sandy Pierce said.

Pierce and her family came to Lafayette after Hurricane Katrina and were need of a home. However with Pierce in a wheelchair and expensive medical bills, affording a home was tough.

"We were all kind of living hand to mouth, and what we needed more than anything was a home. We could manage with everything else, we could manage with clothes and things of that nature. We needed a home that we could afford," Pierce said.

That dream came true when they got in touch with Lafayette Habitat For Humanity.

"I knew that a blessing would come. Eventually we were going to have to live somewhere," Pierce said. "But habitat really made it very easy," she said.

Proceeds from Home for the Holidays will help Lafayette Habitat For Humanity help others like Pierce just like they have for many people in her neighborhood.

"When we started the Home for the Holidays partnership back in 2005, none of this was here," executive director of Lafayette Habitat For Humanity Melinda Taylor said, as she pointed toward several homes behind her. "We have 33 houses surrounding us, and Home for the Holidays' partnership and the AHBA have had a hand in one way or another in practically everything that we've built," she said.

Time is running out to buy your Home for the Holidays ticket, where the proceeds help several organizations help those in need. Organizations that benefit from this project include Saint Michael's Center for Homeless Veterans, Habitat For Humanity, and Faith House.

Last year the non-profits split over 200,000 dollars. Since it started nine years ago, Home for the Holidays has put over 1.1 million dollars back into the community.



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