Holiday Season

Dec 26, 2012 7:14 PM by Kristen Holloway

Holiday Gift Return Tips

We all know the gift-giving motto, it's the thought that counts and that's why thousands of shoppers here in Acadiana are heading back to stores today returning gifts that missed the mark. The gifts we receive during the holidays aren't always a perfect fit, or perfect match. If you plan to return, remember stores are not obligated to accept returned items so shoppers should understand each store's policy before returning or exchanging gifts.
"If I buy a big expensive gift I'm going to see if I can return it," said Holiday Shopper Vincent Zaunbrecher.
If an item is on sale a store's policy may be "All Sales Final" that could mean getting less than what you paid for or getting nothing at all or any shopper's hope no hassle exchanging gifts at all.
"I was returning something over a month late. They have a 30 day return policy and its been about 2 and half months but I didn't have any problem," said Holiday Shopper Hubbie Branch.
Some people are a bit confused on what can and can't be return. Unless an item is defective shoppers are usually expected to have a receipt or some sort of proof of purchase.
"Forever 21 apparently you need the receipt and you have to return it within 21 days," said Holiday Shopper Emily Fitch.
Customers say the biggest upset when exchanging gifts traffic and long lines. Some of them actually gave their own advice how stores can accommodate shoppers and make gift exchanging smoother.
"Put their logo on the front so that they know we bought it from there, so that you can return it for a refund, switching it out was easy because it had Best Buy on it," said Fitch.
For online shoppers gift returns may come at a cost shipping costs for returns to online vendors are usually paid by the person making the exchange. If you buy an item from a retailers online catalogue, it's best to find out whether the gift can be returned directly to the store.


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