Mar 29, 2014 10:23 PM by Kari Beal

Holi Fest celebrates Indian and Hindu culture

It was a day of color and celebration for many in Girard Park to celebrate Holi Festival. More than 2,000 people came out for the sixth annual event this afternoon---honoring Indian and Hindu culture. The festival is part of a Hindu tradition that celebrates the start of the spring season.

"It's real fun because we get to meet a lot of Indian community here and celebrate with a lot of color and water," Baton Rouge Resident Sreekanth Reddy Bommu said.

The Acadiana Indian Association put on the event and began opening it to the public four years ago. They definitely brought some color to the park, nearly selling out the 2,200 pounds of paint they bought. The President explained this event is a way to connect with the community while incorporating unique cultures.

"It's that moment in time where strangers come up to me and color me and I walk up to them and say, hey how are you, did you have a good time? A new connection is made and I think that is important. That makes a community alive," Raijshe Tye, President of the Acadiana Indian Association said.

India people traditionally celebrate this festival in the streets and while it was a normal part of life for many at the event in Girard Park, Holi Festival is not just for the Indian community.

"We're from upstate New York and some friends told us we have to visit this and it's been a lot of fun," Andrew Pickreign said.

Through music and paint Indian tradition and Cajun culture blended as one.

"It reminds us that we are one humanity," Tye said.

Eventually the colors of paint may fade, but the memories will last forever.



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