Feb 26, 2014 9:53 PM by Erin Steuber

HOA, Family Come to Agreement Over Military Banner

A Lafayette family will once again proudly display a "welcome home" banner outside their home.

As you recall last month, the Frenchmen's Creek Homeowner's Association asked the family to take the banner down. The sign had been up since Petty Officer Third Class Anthony Marsiglia's last deployment, but was left up as a reminder of his homecoming in the next couple of weeks.

During a recent mediation session, the family and HOA agreed the banner could go back up. The agreement says the family will be allowed to display the banner outside their home starting March 1st, and can leave it up until May 1st. At that point the banner must be taken down permanently because, after returning from this deployment, the sailor will be home for good.

"We consider the board our friends. We know they're pro-military. We know that they honor Anthony and honor military. It was never about that," said Marsiglia's mother, Judie Pellegran. "It's nice that it's finally over and it's settled."

The agreement was signed by the entire board and both homeowners. We did reach out to each member of the association, the HOA attorney and mediator for comment, but our calls, and emails, were not returned.

The Pellegran family attorney also submitted this statement on their behalf:

"We are pleased to announce that our granddaughter's Welcome Home Daddy sign will soon be back up and will stay up until his return in the near future.

We are grateful to the Frenchman's Creek Homeowners association in working with us to an amicable resolution of this emotional issue.

The purpose of the sign was to serve as a steady reassurance to Alex that her daddy would one day be home.

We believe the situation started as a misunderstanding over the size of the sign and the length of time it would be up and things rapidly spiraled out of control.

The members of Frenchman's Creek homeowners are our friends and neighbors for many years now.

We know them to be proud Americans and staunch supporters of our troops and armed forces.

We would like thank the thousands of supporters and well wishers from around the country and assure them that all is well and we look forward to a happy reunion between Alex and Anthony."


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