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Jan 31, 2012 11:35 PM by Shawn Kline

High school fight goes viral; students suspended, expelled.

A fight at Opelousas High School goes viral (and on the heels of several high profile incidents just this school year).

In September, a stabbing at the same high school. Just a month earlier, a junior high student brought a gun near OJHS grounds. Michael Nassif, Superintendent at the time, called it "gang-type" activity but said police had it under control.

Now, many parents who've seen this new video (filmed on Thursday) ask, "where were the teachers to break this up?"

The fight, seen above, was all caught on camera and posted online. caught onto it and posted the fight to its website. The video is now garnering over a thousand tweets and 7,000 shares on Facebook.

"It is unfortunate that it was videoed and it went viral," Opelousas High's Assistant Principal, Chastity Wilson said.

The male student (seen on the right in the video), is suspended.
The female student (on the left in the video), is expelled.

"That was dealt with immediately," Wilson said. "This was the second time that (the girl) got into a fight at school."

Some parents e-mailed us at KATC with their questions; "where was the teacher?" And, "why wasn't this fight prevented?"

In the video, the teacher can actually be heard:

"...send an administrator to my classroom..."

That's the teacher calling for help, before punches are even thrown. Wilson says teachers were aware of the girl's previous altercations with faculty and are told to contact administration immediately in the case of any altercation, verbal or physical.

After calling administration, the teacher can be seen in green rushing behind the computers and telling the students to 'break it up'.

"Everyone says it's OHS, everyone fights." Senior Hannah Moreau said. "I don't think that's acceptable, ever."

Moreau plans to graduate in May and she says videos like this one are putting her school in a bad light.

"It's only a few bad people that are giving OHS such a bad reputation," she said.

The two involved in the fight aren't the only ones in trouble, either. The student who filmed the video is also suspended and under investigation for having a cell-phone in school.



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