Apr 28, 2011 6:15 PM by Jenise Fernandez

High Noon Royal Wedding Tea Party

Women from the Heirloom Sewing School in Lafayette are celebrating their own version of the royal wedding. For best friends Joyce Leblanc and Edna Guilbeau, celebrating the royal wedding makes them feel right at home.

"We got here in 1946. We're the original English war brides so we go back quite a way," said Edna Guilbeau.

"Edna is so busy she never has time for tea and she shows up 20 years later and then the tea gets cold!" said Joyce Leblanc.

Dozens were eating British tea food favorites -- like ham sandwiches with butter, cream puffs, strawberries and cream, and eclairs. They couldn't stop talking about the wedding and there was even a royal wedding cake!

" I am excited to see it. I think he's made a good choice and she'll be good for the monarchy," said Guilbeau.
"I am just thrilled to death," said Leblanc.

I asked Joyce if I needed to sit with my ankles crossed in order to be considered proper. She said, "I have enough trouble sitting down I'll be lucky if I can get back up!'

What about sipping tea with your pinky up?

" They don't really do that. I've never seen that one either side of the Atlantic!"

No matter a girl's age, she can always dream about being a princess.



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