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May 20, 2011 11:21 PM by Maddie Garrett

Henderson Lake Community Literally Rides Out Flood

As flood predictions fluctuate in Acadiana, one group of people say they're not changing their plans for the flood, no matter what.

Gerri Comeaux and Jeanne DeValcourt are neighbors on Henderson Lake and said they're not going anywhere.

"No I'm not leaving, this is the only thing I have, I've got to stay, I've got to take care of it," said Comeaux.

DeValcourt said "I wanted to stay here to be with the rise to make sure everything was ok and secured."

The two friends have stocked up on canned goods, water, and both have generators in case the electricity goes out.

"I've thought of everything I can so I'm really ready," said DeValcourt.

They're ready to literally ride out the flood on their houseboats.

"We just feel very safe, like you say, in a houseboat because it floats. It won't sink thank God for that," said Comeaux.

The entire houseboat community at Cypress Cove is held together by a system of ropes connecting the floating homes together and to a floating dock. The docks are then tied up to nearby trees to keep everything secure and in place.

Floating walkways keep everyone connected to the levee where their vehicles will sit out of harm's way.

"I've done everything I have to do to secure everything. So now I'm just waiting and watching," said DeValcourt.

Henderson Lake has already risen a few feet around their floating community, but that doesn't scare these water savvy residents.

"Pretty much everybody's staying. You know it's really a family thing, we're very close, everybody helps everybody over here," said Comeaux.



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