Aug 7, 2014 5:09 PM by Daniel Phillips

Heat Continues Into the Weekend

If we go through an August weather checklist we'd certainly be able to hit all of the highlights... Hot? Check. Humid? That gets a double check. Pop-up Showers? Check, check and check. 

It's been a fairly benign weather pattern Acadiana has found itself trapped in over the last few days, and falling under the influence of high pressure it doesn't seem like that will change. 

Slightly drier air is trying to infiltrate south Louisiana which will limit showers but won't eliminate them entirely. 

We sit in an interesting place in reference to the ridge, which is off to our west, and just how much influence this location will have on Acadiana. 

While it certainly will have an impact our rain chances and will do a good job keeping them down to around 20% this weekend. 

Along with rain high pressure will be driving temperatures skyward and we may even see that elusive 95 degree mark. 

Even with slightly drier air in place humidity will still be running rampant, look for the heat index to easily crack up into the triple digits. 

Looking ahead into next week better chances for rain may be on the horizon by mid week, however, there are still a lot of details that need to be ironed out before we can put a definite time on its arrival. 



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