Feb 13, 2012 11:27 PM by Shawn Kline

Heart-shaped meats, beer: What to get men for Valentines

Retailers say they're on schedule for better profits this Valentines Day but what does your loved one really want?
A recent poll asked 200 women what they want for Valentines Day, here's what they found:

-72% of women said they just want the day off from housework and time away from the kids.
-14% of women ask for special plans.
-9% of women would like a gift.
-5% of women said they want sex.

For the women, any of those things can make a very special valentines day but what do men want?

We brought that question to the mechanics at PA Automotive on Eraste Landry. Robert Gaethe already knows what to get his wife of 17-years:

"Roses are red, my truck is blue, I'd rather be driving to Florida with you," he recited.

Gaethe says a poem usually does the trick but what could his wife get him for Valentines Day?

Albertson's Manager Marcus Duhon says he gets that question every day leading up to Valentines.

"It's a 6-pack of Coca-Cola or a 6-pack of beer and pistachio nuts." Duhon says, "we can make (gift baskets) on demand."

Maybe you're looking for something both of you can enjoy. Try a home-cooked meal made with a little love.

"We can cut ribeyes and butterfly them in a shape of a heart," Duhon said. "A great bottle of wine would go with that."

Sure, all of those are nice but what the men really want:

"I think we just want to make our wives happy that's all," Gaethe said.



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