Dec 15, 2009 7:16 PM by Jon Carrere

Healthcare Reform has Employers Concerned

Owners of Acadiana Business both big and small, fear what they face if health care reform  passes.

It could mean everything from paying more for employee insurance to possibly cutting staff to keep up with increasing cost.

Small business owners say they have it the worst.

In 2007 average healthcare spending was almost 8 thousand dollars per personm, a number that has increased since.

Forcing some employers into making tough choices.

Small business owner Ken Crawley says they've "considered cutting back in our contributions to our 401k plan, and fortunately we didn't have to do that."

At least not yet.

Crawley owns a Lafayette Contruction Company that employs about seventy people.

Larger corporations aren't immune, they face the same costs, but on a larger scale.

The biggest fear for employers?

If passed, healthcare reform could cause insurance rates to, in some cases skyrocket making individual premiums beyond the reach of many.


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